Shiaqga Pet Immunity

Shiaqga is just as effective with our fur babies! We’ve tried and tested the Shiaqga with our own pets and what we’ve seen is what some would call miracles. The Shiaqga Pet Immunity is amazing for maintaining optimal health in those healthy pets too.

White Sparrow, Medicine Woman writes, "We own two Frenchies & each morning they get a dose of Shiaqga. Ducky, our boy Frenchie, came from an abused and nutrient deficient environment. A few months later, he was top of the line Healthy. I just add a smidgen of Shiaqga in raw meat… along with other superfoods. It’s easy breezy & even great grandma, or Emma the 3 year old. . . can manage it."

Depending on the health condition of your pet, that wil determine the dose. Highly toxic pets deserve a tad bit more. It is considered a food so there is no overdose issues. Taking more will only cause detox symptoms. The suggested amount for the size of your healthy animal is on the label. For your more unhealthy friends, you can increase the amount given but use wisdom and pay attention to their behavior and temperature.


As they shift into healing, they will tend to get tired and deserve rest and repair. As their immune system is built and healing occurs, the detoxification effects will lessen. One container should last several months for pets in top notch health. The content is 100% ground Shiaqga. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Suzanne Smith
My dog Brindie

she has a mass in her belly the size of a plum and we are waiting for another ultrasound. I'm praying Shiagga helps her
This stuff is great! Brindie has been doing great on this product!

First purchase

This was our first purchase so we are still waiting and watching to see how it works on the dogs. Both are German Shepherds. One has breast cancer and the other is going blind from high altitude. The one with cancer will not eat the ground shiaqga inside meatballs or anything so we give her the liquid, 3cc once a day. The other one will eat the ground shiaqga in the meatballs so she gets quarter teaspoon in each of 3 meatballs two times a day. She still does not like it much, picks at it so when the ground is gone will put her on the liquid provided we can still afford it.

I started taking 3 droppers in water when we first got it and it was not long that I could cut my blood pressure medicine in half. I am looking forward to stopping it all the way.

We believe this product will be super beneficial in the long run. We would take more if we could afford to buy more.

Keep the great product coming. Thank you.

Tammy M.
Thank you

Keeping my pets healthy.

Suzie T
Thank you!

I was introduced to Shiaqga just very recently and wanted to share my experience. I have been a healer and complementary therapist for many years and always believed that the body has an immense ability to heal itself given the right conditions. When I read about Shiaqga I was so impressed and intuitively knew this was genuine and uniquely powerful so I bought some immediately. My experience I want to share is about my beautiful cat called B.B. who recently developed a massive boil on his back which no matter what I tried didn’t stop the growth or obvious pain he was in, as he constantly licked and pulled out his fur. So I put just one drop directly on the sore once a day and within a few days it showed signs of reducing. He hated me touching it for first 5 days but then lay still whilst I rubbed it in so clearly he was no longer in any discomfort. Within 2 1/2 weeks it vanished and now the fur has grown back. I am so thrilled and grateful to have found Shiaqga and will continue to share this amazing Native American herb with others. Thank you so much for bringing it into the market so we all can benefit from it’s natural immune boosting properties. Nature definitely knows best. Thank you again 🙏🙏🙏 the first photo is after using Shiaqga for about three days, the silver looking area is the reducing of information as before I started the whole area was raised and red, and was about 2” in diameter."

J. Chech from Orland Park, IL

My curiosity and drive to find new “natural” products for my pets and myself made it easy to try your product Shiaqga. My 15-year old male Dalmatian, Jorge . . . has a lump on his right side for about two years, and over time, it became larger. He also has a large lump on the side of his neck which has fluid in it.

Being too old and weak for any type of surgery, our hands were tied. One day after being on Shiaqga for perhaps six weeks, I noticed the hair around his tumor on his side was sticking out. There was a scab on part of the lump. The scabbed section was flatter. A week or two later it reddened, and then another scab appeared on another section. I was astonished at what I saw.

I am happy to report that the lump has gone down by two-thirds its original size. Also, the large lump on Jorge’s neck went down to about half its size. During this allergy season, I have not seen Jorge bite his feet or other parts of his body, and he is not taking any steroids or medications for allergies.

This product is amazing! I, too, take Shiaqga as I had part of my lung removed and suffer from upper respiratory infections. To date, I am happy to report that I became sick once so far while on Shiaqga, but was able to recover without antibiotics! Shiaqga is a wonderful product that really works."


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