Rapid Immune Recovery


Our Rapid Immune Recovery extract supports those suffering from:

Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Heart Disease, HIV, Fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases, Chron's Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, heavy metal toxicity, viral infections, scar tissue, wound healing, and more.


  • This 4oz bottle is twice the size as the Daily Immune Restoration
  • The super concentrate is also 120% more concentrated than the Daily Immune Restoration. (2000% extract)
  • 10X More Sacred Frankincense than Daily Immune Restoration
  • Each bottle is a 30 day supply, three full droppers per day.
  • For chronic conditions, we suggest six full droppers per day.
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee.


Can be taken orally for internal conditions or applied topically to wounds. When taken orally, there may be normal detoxification symptoms such as headaches, cold/flu symptoms, fatigue, and defecation.

The immune system recovers by first detoxifying the body. After this initial detox, the extract is able to activate the stem cells to fully rejuvenate and restore your immune system.*

*Dietary supplement, not FDA approved. 


Wild Harvested Shiaqga Mushroom Extract,
Organic Black Cumin Essential Oil
Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil
Organic Lemon Essential Oil
Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil
Organic Peppermint Essential Oil
 100% Plant/Mushroom Based, 100% Vegan, 100% Natural


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Customer Reviews

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scott naumes

Rapid Immune Recovery

vincent obrien

Horrible headache and upset stomach with diarrhea and request return for full refund .

After the first bottle quality of the product is very low!

First bottle was very good very concentrated felt it’s a good product so I ordered another one and second bottle was not as concentrated very watery like. So I contact to the seller and send them back they send me a new one. But second bottle I received it was still same non-concentrated water like products. Either their product quality went down or they just send the one I send it back with the new bottle either way it’s not a good thing and it’s not acceptable it’s not worth the money. If it’s not an extract. It is water!!!

Donna Kerper
Have no idea

Wait till my next PET scan and I’ll tell you how good it is.

Amazing product

This has worked wonders with lessening my PMS symptoms. I don’t even realize when I’m getting my period it’s like it just shows up whiteout the typical week long PMS systems that make me sick.


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